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How To Get Involved

The future is in your hands! Unless you decide to stand idly by and take no action.

Although it may seem that you have no rights and no voice - you can take a stand and let your position on the wind turbines in this region be known. You can have an impact. Eminent domain used against local landowners, threats to the value and use of our property, and the impact of noise, health and safety threats on adjacent homeowners and property owners potentially affects us all. Take a stand for our freedom.

Appropriate actions include:

  • Contact Advocates for Prattsburgh, Citizens Power Alliance, and citizen organizations.
  • Learn the plans for this region and the responsible organizations at the local, county, and state levels
  • Study the map and see where Ecogen and UPC plan to site their towers.
  • Look at "What Advocates Wants" and "Windmill Myths" and request appropriate set-backs to protect your and our rights as non-participating landowners.
  • Attend Town Board and County meetings in all communities that will be effected by UPC's and Ecogen's plans for this community.
  • Write letters to your local, state, and Federal officials expressing your concerns about lack of process and the impact that windfarms in this region will have on your life, the value of your property, and your freedom to use all of your land as you see fit.
  • Write letters to the editor in local papers.
  • Become a member of Advocates for Prattsburgh. Contact us at Advocates for Prattsburgh, PO Box 221, Prattsburgh, NY 14873, and through this website:Click Here to contact us.
  • http://www.advocatesforprattsburgh.org
Windmill Myths
MYTH # 16: These windfarms are "green" power. We need then to help save us from global warming, and I should pay my utility a premium for it.
Fact: The U.S. Department of Energy projects that, even with the continuation of massive subsidies, wind power will represent only a fraction of the INCREASE in future power production, so wind power won't impact global warming. Far worse, many wind projects receive Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) based on their projected production, which are then traded to heavy polluters, allowing outdated fossil fuel plants to generate pollution beyond normal regulatory limits. These wind projects are not green power, but BROWN POWER, and your electric utility wants you to pay a premium for it. Extraordinary.